Sector 9 Fortune Ft. Point Longboard Complete

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The Sector 9 Fortune Ft. Point Longboard is a bamboo cruiser board with a kicktail that is made for easy rolling. It's light, durable, and super fun. The kicktail allows you to ollie up curbs, and the surfy feel allows you to ride the waves of the pavement. This the perfect beach / campus / city cruiser board!

Length: 34"
Width: 8.75"
Wheelbase: 21"

Comes Fully Assembled With All Sector 9 Factory Components -

Trucks: 8.375” Gullwing Mission
Wheels: 61MM 78A Sector 9 Nineballs
Bearings: ABEC 5 Greaseball
Hardware: 1.125” Truss Head Steel Bolts
Grip Tape: Clear with Sector 9 logo

7 Ply Bamboo Maple Hybrid Construction