Paris V3 Matte Black 150mm Longboard Trucks

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Paris V3 Longboard Trucks are some of the best all around trucks we've seen. They are great for many types of riding, including carving, cruising, downhill, and freeride. Produced in Paris' new proprietary alloy forming process, they embody the advantages of extrusion, casting and forging. The V3 delivers strength far beyond any other cast longboard truck on the market due to its forged-like characteristics and microstructure. The V3 hanger and baseplate have both been redesigned and reinforced to increase overall strength. The kingpins have been modified, making them more resilient, ensuring the utmost durability.
The newly developed top conical bushing shape delivers improved support and rebound, while the addition of 96a
hand-poured urethane pivot cups—as standard equipment in every truck—provides an ultra-smooth turning response.
The Paris V3 is a truly revolutionary step forward in longboard trucks.

Set of 2 150mm Longboard Trucks