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Length: 39"   Width: 9.25"   Wheelbase: 28.75"

Completes include:

  • Madrid Diecut Grip
  • Cadillac 180mm 50° Raw Trucks
  • Cadillac Chasers 70mm/78A Black
  • Cadillac High Performance Bearings
  • 1/8" Risers on Top-Mount

The Spade is a powerful tool with a host of great features including a drop-down concave, dual kicktails, and a symmetrical cutout shape for ultimate wheel clearance. With a spacious 9.25” wide platform and 28.75” wheelbase, the Spade is perfect for cross stepping and other freestyle moves. The kicktails expand the possibilities to shuv-its, no complys, and more. Finished with the ‘Pinball Wizard’ graphic, this board will have you bouncing off the walls with excitement.