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Length: 36.25"   Width: 9.5"   Wheelbase: 25"

Completes include:

  • Flypaper Griptape
  • Cadillac 180mm 50° Raw Trucks
  • Cadillac Chasers 70mm/78A Black
  • Cadillac High Performance Bearings
  • 1/8" Risers

The Blunt is a classic surf-inspired pintail that brings the waves to the concrete as you carve and coast on the 36.25” platform. With just enough concave and sanded wheel wells to avoid wheel bite, this board will keep you feeling comfortable and in control even through the tightest turns. The ‘Scarab’ graphic shows up in black & gold on the bottom and full color on top, with the board’s natural wood-tone showing through.