Loaded Poke Complete Longboard Carver Setup

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The Loaded Poke Longboard Skateboard is Loaded's fish shaped cruiser. The Poke is continuing the legacy of the Fish and Ceviche, and is the newest phase of an evolving tradition. Featuring highly functional kicktails and a comfortable platform with concave, rocker, and wheel well flares, this versatile urban explorer keeps up with your every whim and makes each outing a creative, dynamic adventure. Whether you're taking this beast to bomb a garage or shred a bowl, the Poke mini cruiser board is sure to be your go to option.

Loaded Poke Longboard Dimensions:
Length: 34” 
Width: 9.125” 
Wheelbase: 20.75”

The complete mini cruiser board comes setup with:

Carver CX.4/C2.4 Trucks
70mm 4President (80a, orange) Wheels
Loaded Jehu V2 Builtin Bearings
Loaded Black Grip Tape

The combination of the extremely pumpable and maneuverable CX.4 front truck and the tall standard geometry of the C2 back truck creates a fluid and energetic turning sensation. Easy to pump up speed from a standstill and unbelievably agile, the Carvers are our preferred truck setup for achieving an aggressive and surfy ride. But keep in mind that this is a very directional configuration that can be somewhat unforgiving for fakie riding. We set up our Carvers with Orangatang Nipple double-barrel bushings: soft (orange) in the front CX and medium (purple) in the rear C2.