Loaded Mata Hari Longboard Complete

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The Loaded Mata Hari longboard embraces a progressive and rapidly evolving new era of longboard dancing and freestyle. Compact dimensions, lightweight construction, poppy kicktails, and a range of wheelbase options make the Mata Hari Loaded's most technically adept board for those who live to explore and challenge what is possible on a dancing skateboard. 

Length: 44.5” / 113 cm
Width: 9.25” / 23.5 cm
Wheelbase: 27.25, 28.25, 29.25” / 69.2, 71.8, 74.3 cm
Profile: Rocker
Flex: One flex fits all

Comes fully assembled with all Loaded parts - 
Paris V3 180/50 Raw trucks
Orangatang 65mm Fat-Free 80a Orange wheels
Loaded Jehu Bearings
Loaded 1/16" shock pads
Loaded 1" hardware
Set up on middle (28.25") wheelbase.