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The Loaded Icarus Longboard is a milestone in Loaded's exploration of the soulful carving experience. Returning their design focus to their carving roots, they've appropriated much of what they learned to produce the highest performing carving board they've ever built.

Shapely Curves—The right curves in all the right places enhance rider ergonomics while contributing to a responsive and high-performance ride. Wheel well flares accommodate big wheels and improve turning leverage and control. Variable concave yields a consistent flex pattern while providing a variety of riding experiences based on foot placement.

Powerful Flex—Vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass construction pair with a cambered profile and variable concave for a lively and engaging ride. A cork bottom helps dampen out vibrations without compromising the liveliness.

User Friendly—Drop-through truck mounting positions the deck lower to the ground for easier pushing and enhanced stability. Light weight and compact size make the Icarus intuitive and commuter friendly.

Practical Kicks—Minimal nose and tail kicks help navigate city streets and open the door for freestyle trickery.

Length: 38.4” 
Width: 8.6” 
Wheelbase: 28.25” (

Comes Fully Assembled With Paris Matte Black Trucks, Orangatang Orange Kegel Wheels, Abec 7 Bearings, Loaded Grip Tape