Arbor Sucrose Vice Slate Blue 69mm 78a Longboard Wheels

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The Sucrose Initiative was created to introduce alternative, environmentally friendly components that improve wheel performance, while reducing the petroleum footprint of urethane, and the environmental impact of slides and long term wear.

The Arbor Sucrose Vice is an offset freeride wheel designed to deliver versatile slide performance at speed!

Its round lip design allows you to choose your line, release with ease, and conquer any surface the road throws at you. Riders can count on the Speed Formula to maintain exceptional performance when straight lining hills. They provide quick hookup and release, as well as an amazing amount of grip to build speed while keeping you in control when it matters most.

Speed Formula
Groovetube Core
Diameter: 69 mm
Contact Patch: 35.5 mm
Offset:  2.0 mm