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The Loaded Coyote Longboard is back for 2021 with a fresh new graphic! Watch out this thing is ferocious. You can skate just about everything with this vicious lil' beast. At 30.75" long, it's super easy to ride and transport, and makes for a great cruiser board. It's got a nice kicktail on it so you can pop ollies and take it to the park, or even slash some allies or ditches. The possibilities are endless with this skate everything style board, and we're stoked Loaded created it.

Length: 30.75”
Width: 8.375”
Wheelbase: 17.5”
Construction: custom 7-ply maple with thicker cross veneers for optimal deck stiffness

Fully assembled and ready to rip with all Loaded factory components!
Paris TKP 129mm Trucks
Wheels: Orangatang Fat Free Orange 65mm 80a
Loaded Coyote Grip Tape
Bearings: Jehu V2
Risers: .06" Shock Pad